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Boita Bandana has been celebrated at Bindu Sagar Bhubaneswar

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Reminding the Sadhav tradition of Odisha from long years ago Kartika Purnima and Boita Bandana is being celebrated. The celebration starts from early in the morning .

Tinny decorative boats in hand avoiding the hurdles of fug leads to a mass commemoration which is being done during the rituals.

Although some people argue it is meant to offer prayers to our ancestors, the sea-trade tradition of past is reflected in the celebration.

It includes the mini drama done in different areas showcasing the Sadhav tradition.

In Bhubaneswar the “Boita Bandana Utsav” has been celebrated in full enthusiasm at BinduSagar near Lingaraj temple .

Pictures By : Rakesh Kumar Roul

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