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On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, it’s a pleasant chance to return to the three monkeys related to Gandhiji despite the fact that they weren’t initially conceptualized by him. They are technically Japanese in origin and the three monkeys cover three unique pieces of their bodies with three explicit purposes. Mizaru covers his eyes meaning he won’t see evil. Kikazaru covers his ears as he hears no insidious. Iwazaru covers his mouth proposing he talks no malevolent. In a Utopian world perfumed by idealistic soul, it’d be practical to copy these three gentle monkeys. However, we, in 2020, live in a somewhat unique period. All the evil deeds cannot be contained within our eyes, ears, and mouth alone. It’s all the more important to filter our thoughts and simultaneously think about no evil too.

Picture Credits: FeedZig.

It is definitely a moment of sheer pride for Odisha as Sanjay Kumar Satapathy bagged the copyright for the fourth monkey which implies, ‘think no evil’. An esteemed Odia professor of Ravenshaw University, Mr. Satapathy conceptualized this version of the fourth monkey which made him get the coveted copyright license from the center. There is a fourth monkey according to Japanese customs too. In the interim, overlooked Sedzaru typifies the rule of “don’t commit evil,” and the arms spread out to the gut or groin region. Since the Japanese consider the number 4 unfortunate, fourth, however, the most significant monkey, is referenced once in a while. Without a doubt, the four savvy monkeys have become a genuine motivation for specialists and skilled workers everywhere in the world.

Picture Credits: The Crime Warp.

Sanjay Kumar Satapathy, on the other hand, who is The Dean of School of Commerce and Management, Ravenshaw University had registered for the copyright in July. After studying it for many years, he applied for copyright with the Registrar of Copyright. He is more interested in the origin of these monkeys in the Buddhist principles around the seventh century. He is quite fascinated with this idea which he has carried within him for a while now. The Governor of Odisha also congratulated Mr. Satapathy through his tweet and wrote, “The concept of ‘Think Good’ is the core of humanitarian behavior and the order for a better world. Let the thought spread and influence people at large.” 

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