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For all the brave girls…

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Dear all,

I am Chinmayee Bhuyan. Some of you might recognize me as ‘Akira.’ I was like any other girl in the city until one fateful night, when a few robbers confronted me while I was going back home and tried to snatch to snatch my belongings. As per my natural instinct, I fought them and managed to scare them away. A police complaint was filed and later the culprits were also nabbed. However, I became an overnight sensation after that incident.

I was surrounded by media, was invited for felicitations from all corners. In fact, I could honestly not perceive the drastic change. At the outset, I thank you all for the love and blessings. But, today, as I write to you, I intend to tell you what I did was nothing extraordinary. In fact, each one of you is brave. It is just that you need to recognize you inner capability and act.

Trust me, when you start believing in yourself, you will be able to surpass any hurdles that come your way. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fight robbers and thieves. Rather, you need to learn to fight against your inner demons, which are stopping you from achieving your goals. I am sure once you learn to tackle your fear, which lies within you, you will achieve greater heights.

After that incident, many of you had congratulated me for my efforts, but today I want to tell you that each one of you is Akira, equally brave that I am.

Before I end, I thank Odisha Links for providing a platform to express my thoughts. I wish each one of you all the best.

Yours brave girl

Chinmayee ‘Akira’ Bhuyan

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