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Substantially alluded as the man who reincarnated the modern-day Joker through the brilliance of late Heath Ledger, Christopher Nolan turns 50 today. Generally considered as one of the most adroit filmmakers there is, Nolan has portrayed significant growth in becoming an auteur(author of a film) within the contemporary Hollywood as well as popular culture. An Auteur is someone who is considered more of an artist instead of a mere director. A man who thrives on consistent self-promotion, Christopher Nolan has set a benchmark for coming up with films that are both highly critical and popular at the same time. Even though all of his movies are exceptionally diversified, a few irrefutable resemblances can be found within them. The stories revolve around him imbuing splendor into conventional themes. All of them deal with an expedition of the establishment of an identity, which is often regarded as an unstructured concept.

Christopher Nolan ventured into the world of direction with the neo-noir crime thriller ‘Following’. ‘Memento’ came shortly after that, which led him to gain recognition by being nominated for various awards. Movies like The Batman Trilogy and Inception made him into a household name remembered for muddling in the thin line of good and evil. He has always made sure to never have any typical open-ended movies but leave his audience hanging to find closure between the characters and the umpteen meanings. Never has Nolan made a film that is fit for the role of a passive audience. They play a tantamount role as the characters by being forced to understand the intricacies of the situation. In his initial ventures, he has tried to follow the trajectory of a person immersed in carving out an identity for himself and the innumerable factors that fuel him to do the same. The Batman trilogy focuses on the characters actively involved in acting out their part, instead of focusing on narratives, unlike his other movies. One of the most obvious spots characters are worked through in mainstream society is that of the superhuman, and Nolan proceeds with his investigation of personality arrangement inside the Batman legend. Like other superhuman movies, the Batman legend’s most evident connection with personality is in the issue of double personas like Clark Kent/Superman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ the twofold personalities depicted by the characters – for example, Bruce Wayne, Henri Ducard, and Jonathan Crane – don’t just go about as gadgets to shroud the characters change the sense of self, yet besides work as the key factor in the inspirations of a few of the characters. The double identities of these protagonists help them to retain or construct an altogether different identity. In turn, this leads the audience to ascertain the fate of the hero.

Christopher Nolan has a ton to offer with regards to direction. He goes about things uniquely in contrast to numerous different producers, which is one of the myriad reasons his stories resound with such huge numbers of moviegoers. He camouflages numerous pieces of information to resemble a significant motif. Nolan takes writing for the film more important than the direction. Christopher Nolan concedes that when he composes a film, he makes a point to write in a similar fashion that it will play on screen, particularly when it has a non-direct structure. He doesn’t believe in composing separate successions and afterward reordering together. He composes his content with a planned momentum. Nolan once revealed how his new interpretation of structure for Dunkirk depended on the Shepard tone. This same Shepherd tone has been executed into the score for every single Christopher Nolan film since The Prestige. Nolan realizes that an extraordinary character will frequently settle on trading off choices for what they accept are the correct reasons, and besides, that they are fixated on some worth framework they hold dear — and can’t appreciate the big picture. He always made sure to have fun with his characters instead of making them conventionally appropriate or flawed to the extent that they cannot be saved.

Christopher Nolan is not someone who can be compared to a visionary. A defiantly logical person, he often enjoys delving deep into the conscious and play the role that he has envisioned for himself. He has always tried to play the principle of morality through his films, by depicting the responsibility of the protagonist. The sense of his audience keeps changing, as he continues to make many movies throughout the years but the sheer brilliance is an important aspect of all of them.

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