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As the nation continues with the COVID-19 situation, there is no sign of normalcy residing anywhere soon. Amidst this, people from all sectors are trying to do their best in any way possible. The appreciation should not be limited to healthcare workers or other essential workers only. Any Good Samaritan coming forth to do something which will not only help a certain someone but bring along a smile in these difficult times should be unquestionably lauded. One of them is Odia actress Varsha Priyadarshini, who has helped in providing wings to the dreams of a young girl, henceforth bringing joy to the people across the state.

The journey of a young girl from Koraput district to silver city Cuttack for her first-ever song recording reeks of perpetual hopes and perseverance. It was definitely not an easy path for Namita Melka to set her foot in New Recording Studio in Cuttack and attain her dream. This has been possible only for the generous contributions of actress Varsha Priyadarshini. Priyadarshini is an Indian film entertainer and a former model. She overwhelmingly works in Bengali and Odia films. Intrigued with the resonant voice of this young lady from Chintaguda town in Odisha’s Koraput area, Ollywood entertainer Varsha Priyadarshini had elected to assist her with understanding her fantasies. Keeping with her words, she took to Twitter educating about the uplifting news. She wrote, “Finally little sister Namita’s dream has come true…Odisha has the best of talents.” 

Picture Credits: YouTube.

The child prodigy, Namita Melka became an internet sensation when her video of singing ‘MainTerii Chunariya’ became viral on social media. Everyone was left mesmerized by her voice and Varsha had taken an inclination towards making the girl accomplish her dreams. She tweeted, “What a magical voice she has, God gifted talent. My sincere prayers & blessings to dear little sister Namita for her bright future. Talent should not be hidden. I would like to be a small part of her journey to help her & inspire her to achieve her dreams & be successful & set an example for all the youth talent who wish to fulfill their own dreams. I would like to take an initiative to start her career with a Jagannath  Bhajan with sangeet guru’s guidance. God bless you, dear Namita. Believe in yourself & Be unstoppable.”

Namita recorded a reverential creation committed to Lord Jagannath named “Ninunna, Jiuti Jeevan” in Cuttack on Sunday. The four-minute-long piece was composed by lyricist Bijay Malla in both Kui and Odiya tongues. Pronouncing words from both languages was not a difficult task for her as she is quite fluent in both of them. The account occurred under well-known music chief Prem Anand. After the recording, Namita highly praised the composition by Bijay Malla. Although she was not quite sure if she could do enough justice to the song, with the help of the director she did not let anyone down. It was a moment of utter bewilderment for Namita when she directly received a call from Varsha herself. But the contribution of the actor did not only end here. She made sure of the fact that the recording goes on smoothly without any hindrances and promised to provide Namita with more such opportunities in her upcoming films. She also uploaded the video on her YouTube channel.

Namita has been born and brought up in a tribal daily wager’s family, and never had the opportunity to train herself. During her high school, her teachers invigorated her to explore this talent of hers and continue with it. She intends to avail more such opportunities only if the general masses help her. After all, she reached here only because of them. Traveling all the way amidst ongoing exams did not deter the young girl’s enthusiasm. She has definitely proved that if someone has a zeal for something, all the other obstacles won’t matter much. The Koraput region organization has likewise stretched out help to the class tenth understudy Namita Melaka for her schooling. Namita alongside her father has additionally met the DM of Koraput.

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