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Madhubabu: how much we know him ?

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The Kulabruddha (Grand Old Man) or Madhubabu or Madhusudan das being told the Utkal Gaurav for many reasons. His contribution towards our state Odisha can’t be limited within bunches of book. With the selfless support of other great Odias he paid his life time to constituate the dream of first Lingustic state of India called Odisha. Here on his birth anniversary we need to know some of them that keep him ahead of everything.

  • A true Odia

Madhusudan’s definition of Odia was “Irrespective of Hindu, Muslim and Christian and irrespective of language one speaks, one may be an Odia, for whom this land is cradle of his adolescence, land of duty in his youth, land of rest during old age and soil of eternal peace after death’.

  • Dreaming Odisha as a state

In some write up Mahubabu have mentioned Odia speaking area was a state of state or Colony of Colony. He asked himself being unique in culture, language and lifestyle why this part of country will be divided to many. In 1895, the then Chief Commissioner of Sambalpur division, Sir A. Fraser, ordered that in place of Oriya Hindi must become the official language of Sambalpur division. In such a historical calamity Madhusudan Das came to the front to hold the beacon of linguistic nationalism in Orissa. He decided to learn English only after thinking it will be easy for him in fighting British government. But it didn’t affect his Odia. His blood warming poems are still inspiration of many.

  • Formation of Utkal Sammilani

Madhusudan Das planned to form a state of Odia speaking regions. In the year 1903, the historic Utkal Sammelan was organised by Madhusudan at Rambha which is now in Ganjam district after indipendence . Among others it was attended by the many lawyers, intellectuals and journalists. In his address to the conference, Madhusudan showed his flairs of patriotism and played the first flute of challenge to gather the peoples of same mentality.

  • Industrialisation

From supporting arts to constituate weavers’ society, Utkal Tannery, utkal Silponnati Sabha he stepped to guide Odias to be self-sufficient and organized. He was giving importance the local talented artists of architecture, weaving, stone carving and silver works. Once he took some samples to London to attract them for marketing. He was serious about standard of work. Once he ordered to burnt the shoes which were of less quality produced from his own Utkal Tannery.

  • Lost everything

He came to Cuttack as the first Odia advocate in 1881 and practiced for 50 years earning possibly a crore of rupees which he emptied for the formation of Odisha. But he died bankrupt owing Rs 71000 to Cox&Co Bank, Rs 16400 to Nanda Kumar Bose, Rs 82600 to Kirti Singh, Radha Bhagat, Ganesh Pandit. For his beloved Utkal Janani he lost everything except the name Utkal Gaurav.

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