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Rakul Preet Singh On ‘Her Man’ & The 3 F’s In Her Life

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Mumbai :Rakul Preet Singh who was stuck in Mumbai during the lockdown has now flown back to her parents in New Delhi. During one of her interviews, the actress discussed at length about her views on marriage, her kind of man, and the things that are top priorities in her life.

In the days when separation and divorces are normal, especially among celebrities, Rakul believes that marriage is beautiful. She is surprised why people think of it as some kind of pressure. Elaborating her views on love and marriage the Marjaavaan actress said, “I totally believe in the institution of marriage and love, and I think it is beautiful. I don’t understand how people think of this as some sort of pressure. When you love someone, you love them with all your heart and that’s the kind of person I am.”

Rakul further added that she has changed a lot as a person and for her love means what she sees in her parents. Discussing the qualities she is looking for in a guy the actress said, “Most important is that the guy has to be tall. Even in heels, I should still be able to look up to my man. The second-most important quality is that he should have an intellect and lastly some purpose in life.”

While revealing her priorities in life, the actress said, “I’m a person who can only do or venture into something that I am passionate about. So, the order of importance is filmed first, then fitness and food — the 3 F’s of my life.”

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