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‘Just Fresh’ Dealing With Organic Items Inaugurated In Bhubaneswar

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Pahala, Bhubaneswar:

A new store dealing with only farm fresh and organic items was inaugurated in Pahala on the 1st of October. The store was inaugurated by Odia award winning actress Anu Choudhury, in the presence of the vice president of ‘Just Fresh’ following all guidelines issued by the government.

 “The store is innovative in a sense that it will deal not only with farm fresh and organic items but also directly deal with the farmers without involving middlemen which will be beneficial to the farmers,” said Tusharkanta Sahoo, Vice-President, Just Fresh.

“This is the first of many outlets that are going to come up in the recent times in and around the twin cities,” he added.

“In tough times like these, we will certainly be able to also provide employment opportunities to a lot of people,” Sahoo mentioned.

They also provide home deliveries and have a mix of organic as well as items that are more highlighted in the market according to the consumers demands.

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