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Gone are the days when people had to sit in front of their television sets flicking through varied channels to watch something. The tumultuous job of finding different sites to download movies and TV series or at least pirated copies of them also seem to be a thing of the distant past now. The current generation will fortunately never have to go through any of these arduous tasks due to the innumerable streaming platforms easily accessible these days. A lot of wide-ranging options are available thereby proving to be an indispensable aspect of our lives now.

A few of the popular ones are:
PAATAL LOK: Considered as Amazon Prime’s ‘Sacred Games’, Paatal Lok serves to be so much more with its intriguing suspense and well-rendered storytelling. The intricate plotline with the tinge of truth about our cosmopolitan cities makes for an amazing binge-watch. An exhilarating performance by all the characters sets the momentum for the hideous truth about our system. It portrays the despondent condition of the country, as the series moves forth with the attempted assassination of a journalist. It’s a gripping tale of everything that is wrong with society and will surely give you an unsettling feel throughout.

Picture Credits: The New Indian Express.

THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL: As the title suggests, this is a brilliant amalgamation of an unprecedented period musical with a thought-provoking interchange about women. All three seasons are available on Amazon Prime with their uncomplicated storyline and brilliant screenplay. This show tries to portray women in a different light rather than mere beauty objects, delving deep into their inherent nature and ability to pursue any goal in life. The plot can be quite amusing with the protagonist who is struggling to become independent along with trying to not lose her femininity. The characters are well developed and the three seasons can be a jolly ride amidst the 1950s NYC.

Picture Credits: Vanity Fair.

BIG LITTLE LIES: A highly well-written show which picks up from the very beginning along with the grim scenes and mysterious music. The story eventually develops at a slow pace along with each episode which feels just right enough. The substantial acting along with an extraordinary soundtrack makes up for an exemplary spree of the two seasons available on Hotstar. Meryl Streep’s stupefying presence in the second season just adds up to the drama which does not seem overdone at any point in time. The plotline does not deviate from the plotline of five women and their families who are embroiled in a murder investigation, hence building up precise suspense to it.

Picture Credits: IMDb

CHERNOBYL: This limited series on Hotstar with just one season consisting of five episodes is worth all the hype. A surreal dramatization of horrors and mayhem in the aftermath of a nuclear power plant disaster is shown in a perfectly logical sequence here. The happenings along with the well-crafted dialogues allude to a different kind of truth in each episode as the minute details keep coming up as voracious surprising elements. It is a very informative series about the gory details of the disaster which will start unfolding from the first scene itself.

Picture Credits: YouTube.

THIS IS US: An assemblage of stories of distinct families, this series of four seasons is a joyride of emotions and is available on Amazon Prime. The flashback scene sequence in all of the episodes along with the layered acting by all of the characters just adds to the varying emotions of the show. All the seasons back to back will serve with an extensive roller coaster along with a detailed understanding of human relationships and emotions. The narrative style of the Pearsons and other families is suitably brilliant and is a must-watch.

Picture Credits: Deadline.

WATCHMEN: Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen is streaming on Hotstar and has one season consisting of nine episodes. Based on a comic, this show kicks off with the Tulsa massacre of 1921, in which a black community was attacked by Klansmen and innocent civilians were slaughtered.  This incident is considered as a black mark on America’s history and the narrative style here can be considered as powerful, dynamic, and even whimsical to some extent. While some series of this genre can seem silly or obnoxious, this one turns out to be a lot more different by including attributes about race and white supremacy. The cast has put out a phenomenal performance and the series makes sure to hold strong to the source material.

Picture Credits: Quartz.

SEX EDUCATION: A funny lighthearted show, Sex Education serves to be so much more than what the title suggests. With just two seasons streaming on Netflix yet, this show is already being applauded for all the right reasons. It has proven to be different by not only dealing with the typical teenage stuff but goes on to venture into the more mature and genuine content too. Initially, it deals with a bunch of teenagers in school and various difficulties that they face due to their sexual demeanor but with season two the series delves way too deep into adult relationships and life. The characters are perfectly well rounded and can be extremely relatable with their beautiful flaws.

Picture Credits: IndieWire.

PEAKY BLINDERS: Peaky Blinders, streaming on Netflix can serve as an absolute delight for any fans of British period drama. Set in the 1920s this is about a gangster, this is up to a slow start but quickly builds up the pace with an extremely well-written plot. This is a gripping tale and new difficulties surround the Shelby family as they try to build a criminal empire. Built on original context, Cilian Murphy’s extraordinary charm, as well as his depth of the character along with his lady love Grace, is something interesting to look out for.

Picture Credits: BC Heights.

MINDHUNTER: This series consisting of two seasons, streaming on Netflix also starts at a slow pace but will sink in fast because of the terrific direction as well as the screenplay. David Fincher has come up with an engaging plotline that centers on the maturing of two men in a psychological crime thriller. The cinematography, as well as the soundtrack, add to the grotesque details, which can be disturbing and informative at the same time. The characters are inspired by real-life criminals ultimately which leads to digging deep into the conscience of human beings. It does not qualify as a typical series of the genre and will keep the audience hooked with the realistic portrayals of the crimes.

Picture Credits: Student Problems.

ALTERED CARBON: A stellar show consisting of just two seasons streaming on Netflix, Altered Carbon is gripping from the very beginning with clever twists and magnificent visuals. This is quite unpredictable from the very beginning and the directors have a keen aesthetic sense which is rarely seen in science fiction. A different concept can be seen in the way that it deals with the storage and digitization of consciousness and a prisoner’s struggle to gain freedom. It not only deals with the cyberpunk world but also attains to deeply philosophical questions about life and death. The different pop culture references along with immense character development make it for an astounding binge-watch.

Picture Credits: Empire.

These are just a few of the plethora of options available on three of these streaming platforms along with a lot many. A lot of varieties have been added to cater to all types of audiences and their distinctive taste buds. The multitude of choices with affordable subscription rates can be a boon amidst this pandemic.

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