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Dhanteras is commended on the main day of the multi-day long Diwali celebration. The addition ‘Teras’ in Hindi is inseparable from the word Trayodashi in Sanskrit which alludes to the thirteenth day of the winding down period of the moon. The various customs associated with Dhanteras target praying God for the success of the family and their wellbeing and long existence of the spouse. Upon the arrival of Dhanteras, numerous households perform Laxmi puja. Dhanteras sets the promising and festive mindset for the Diwali festivities. Here is a profoundly intriguing fanciful story associated with Dhanteras. 

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Quite a long time ago, there was a lord named Hima who administered over his realm with equity and love as the two instruments of his administration. He had a child and the crystal gazers anticipated that his child would confront a sudden death because of a snake bite on his sixteenth year. A feeling of profound agony tortured King Hima’s heart and he looked for approaches to spare his child’s life. According to the exhortation of a prestigious celestial prophet, he got his child wedded to a young lady who had a fortunate horoscope. The couple lived cheerfully for a couple of years. The kid approached his sixteenth year and the lord began agonizing over the looming demise of his child. 

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The celestial forecasts said a snake would chomp the kid when he ventured into his sixteenth year of life on the earth. Just before the kid’s sixteenth birthday celebration, the young lady brought forth an astute arrangement to spare the life of her significant other. She assembled every one of her gems and heaped them up before the primary entryway. She prompted her significant other not to rest and she excessively remained conscious for the duration of the night. She sat close to the passage of the home guarding the primary entryway. 

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During the selected hour of taking the kid’s life, Lord Yama, the divine force of death showed up before the house as a snake. The snake crept its way to the fundamental entryway of the house. At the point when the snake was going to enter the entryway, the heap of trimmings halted it in transit. The adornments were amazing to the point that the snake couldn’t see anything around it. In the interim, the young lady continued singing sweet melodies for the duration of the night. The melodies were appealing to such an extent that the snake remained at the doorstep appreciating the tunes. An opportunity to end the life of the kid passed and Lord Yama as snake needed to surrender his central goal. In this way, the clever thought of the young lady helped spare the life of her significant other. 

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This legend offered to ascend to the occasion of Dhanteras praised year on year around the same time of Krishna Paksha Trayodashi in the long stretch of Kartika not long before the Diwali celebration. The prevalent view among the Hindus has helped proceed with this sacred convention that says Dhanteras is the surest method to welcome success into the family and look for the long existence of the spouse.

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