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As another Odia is standing out as truly newsworthy, the people of Odisha cannot help but be brimmed with pride. Pattnaik Ompriya Mohanty started ‘Pencil for Change’, a sustainable Fashion Label. Well, it doesn’t surely end with that. All the returns go towards the training of the oppressed or helping the neediness stricken. Or then again you can choose the numerous e-learning courses that are accessible on the entrance that interfaces educators around the globe to understudies. There are a plethora of courses to choose from. He has termed this as his “Project Lockdown” during such a grief-stricken time.

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Pattnaik Ompriya Mohanty is one of those uncommon business visionaries who maintain social obligation over whatever else in the business. This youngster has set a model by opening up plenty of opportunities for the nation’s indigenous weaving area through his dresses and style. Om, who is situated in London, brands weaving and the ability of Indian experts over the world. It is one of only a handful of scarcely any design houses that are changing works of art to social proclamation pieces through calligraphy arrangement handwoven, splash-color, ikat silk, and cotton apparel. He trusts in a manageable improvement venture with recharged energy for weaving and acknowledgment of the weavers worldwide. 

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Raised in Muniguda, Odisha, as a kid he used to follow alongside his mom, who used to work for UNICEF-subsidized projects and visit ancestral regions across Odisha. He grew up always remembering the exercises he learned at his mom’s side thus, he sought after his post-graduation in Sustainable Architecture and Environmental Design from the UK’s University of Nottingham.

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An architect by profession, Pattnaik ventured into fashion due to his passion for designing. More than empowering weaving in the rustic territory, he marks his language through Calligraphy. Pattnaik’s startup advances weaving and assembling of calfskin items. This youthful business visionary and his new companies take a shot at different angles from forestalling air and water contamination to changing over craftsmanship with the assistance of AI and giving instruction to vagrants. Pattnaik’s site Pencil for Change is exhibiting the specialty of an average person to the world. Pattnaik focuses on selling quality items and remunerating weavers. By perceiving the abilities among the poor and furnishing them with a wellspring of pay, Bhubaneswar-local Pattnaik and his startup, ‘In Vogue Vari’ are surely creating the much-needed change.

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