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Meet The Pan Wala Who Aims For A Cleaner And Healthier India

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In India, Pan plays a major role as a refreshment. Among the other advantages Betel Leaf has, helping the digestive system is one. ‘Pan ka patta’ or Betel leaf also has several healing properties. That’s exactly how Prusty Mitha Pan center’s owner in Bhubaneshwar welcomes his customers. He states the medicinal properties and historical significance of Betel leaves and pan.

His shop is situated exactly opposite Bhawani Mall in Shaheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

“Coming from a small village, I grew up watching my father making pan. I knew I had to grow up and make these. So I thought why not study about it and see what good it does to the people who consume pan on a regular basis,” Prusty said.

He only makes sweet pan where all the ingredients are edible.

“I aim in creating a cleaner and healthier India. And I believe I will play my part and do my bit. Everything in the pans I make is edible, so you don’t have to spit anything out. I hate to see pan stains everywhere,” Prusty added.
He welcomes his customers with a smile, and narrates to them the significance of pan in Jagannath sanskriti and culture.

“Lord Jagannath is also served with Pan and it is present in our history since ages,” he mentioned.

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