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Raveena Tandon controversy: It was a mistake, let leave there

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The video clipping of actor Raveena Tandon, which was filmed inside the Lingaraj Temple premises, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The video was apparently shot at the ‘No Camera Zone’ which has led to filing of a police complaint.

Though the actor on Wednesday morning wrote in her official account that she was not aware of the norms and accepted she was not stopped while filming, the wrath continues on her.

What is more surprising is while even though the non-celebrity people openly used cell phones, Raveena has been targeted specifically.

No doubt, it was a mistake, but let us leave it there. True that the norms were flouted, but it looks unintentional. Moreover, there are other serious issues to talk about, so let us accept a sincere apology and move forward.

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