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Women’s Day – The Daily Problems Women Face

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By Shruti Sudeshna

March 8 – the day celebrated as the International Women’s Day since 1900’s is a day which celebrates and honours the social; economic; cultural and political achievements of women. While a lot has changed as far as the condition of women is concerned, there are still loopholes in the society which continues to be patriarchal.
Here are certain common problems that Indian women face and can relate to –
i. Tremendous pressure to balance work and family- In India, it is almost an unwritten law that the kitchen chores belong to the women. From managing the whole family to cooking, sending kids to school, pleasing parents-in-law is a woman’s job. Of course, she can get ready then for her office!

ii. ‘Time decides character’ – points M.Ramola, who works in an MNC. The Orthodox patriarchal society still believes that working in nightshifts is a myth and she should be back by dusk.

iii. The Unwelcome Touch – Starting from the road to closed doors, elevators to staircases and even in public transport system not only Indian Women, but globally women face unfair treatment and sexual advances. The strange part is there is no place to deal such abuse and if it is, then justice delayed!
“Women should learn self defense for their own well being and security”, states Chinmayee Bhuyan, SPO when asked about the horrific gropers.

iv. The Private Space –“I wish to have hygienic toilets in my school!” A school girl wished for change she wants to see in her school.

“I thank Akshay Kumar for addressing such sensitive social issues through his movie Padman and Toilet, who have never thought for it. Period is still a taboo in India!” – said Sikta Simron, a college going girl.
According to UNICEF ‘Over 50 million women and girl doesn’t have access to private sanitary space.’

v. Single Mother is No Cool in India – “The pain of being a single parent can only felt when she deals with the society and relatives. It’s the women always to be blamed for any issue. But at the end, I’m proud of being a mother of two daughters. “Says, Sabita Pattanayak. It’s often noticed there is an attitudinal shift in community towards single motherhood. There is a stigmatization ‘BrokenHomes’ acts as a threat to social order.

vi. The Fashion Rules- The Indian women have certain fashion rules.
‘No short-Dress, No High Heels and No Fashion Insta.
Because in India, the idea of clothing contributes to provocation.

vii. Hard Work Pay You Less- We often hear, ‘Hard work pays off’ but it’s vice versa in Indian context. Women are paid less as compared to men for the same or extended hours of work.
“Women are unique and different. They don’t need to compete with men. Women in day-to-day life wanted to prove them as perfect. We are humans and nobody is perfect. The confusion of proving themselves led to face problems in society, family structures, economically as well politically.” stated Namrata Chadha Former Member of State Women Commission, Juvenile Justice Board Member.

viii. The SEX Stuff – ‘Approximately 15 million girls (aged 15 to 19) experienced force sex and one out of three students (aged 11-15) have been bullied by peers at school at least one day in past month’-UNWomen Facts and Figures: Ending Violence against women. These experiences demoralize and discourage women creating hostile environment that causes women to leav job or increases school drop-outs.

ix. The Marriage Battle- ‘650 million girls and women alive today were married before their 18th birthday i.e., approximately 1 in 5 (21percent) young women were married as children.’-UNWomen

x. Domestic Engineering: The Only Job! – Girls belong to kitchen and not to play ground is the Indian Social Norm. Thanks to the successful women of Indian Society for breaking the gender stereotype and blitzing of the media sphere.

“This women’s day I would like to say that we are humans more than women and men. So we must celebrate it as Human’s Day instead of Women’s Day”- Swikruti Mishra (+3 3rd year student R.D Women’s University)
So, let’s pledge for Equality and Equity striking a fairness balance in the society. Rather competing and complaining let’s develop and grab the opportunities and access our Rights.

(Views expressed are solely of the author)

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