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Special Thanks to Dairy Milk on Father’s Day

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Dear Dairy Milk,
Out of the million fans you have, I am also one among them. On occasion of Father’s Day I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the memories you have helped creating with my father.
My story is a short but worth remembering. As a child, every day I used to wait for him to return from work and take me on his bicycle to purchase chocolate. He used to cycle for 42kms from home to his work. Though tired, but he would not skip the daily routine of making me sit in front of the bicycle and going to the shop.
There were hard times, when he wouldn’t I have sufficient money, but a Dairy Milk a for me was never compromised.
In fact, as I grew up Dairy Milk has been an important part of my life. My father would give me chocolate, when I would cry after a taking painful injections. He used to give me dairy milk when my mom’s would beat me and I would cry at the top of my voice and there would always be Dairy Milk if I scored well in my exams. Like you say, “Kuch meetha hojaye!”
It’s almost 22 years now and I have a decent job and a salary to purchase ample Dairy Milk every day. But the sweet memories that you have given is an asset.
Even though I am in my 20s, my father still gets me Dairy Milk whenever I ask him.

Thank you Dairy Milk and Happy Father’s Day.

A fan forever
Partha Samal

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