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Road Safety: How To Tackle Grey Areas In Road System?

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By Shruti Sudeshna

The Transport System has tremendously contributed to the growth of Indian Economy especially through the roadways. Robust demand, attractive opportunities, business friendly strategies and policy support has led India to become the second largest road network system in the world. The government initiatives like Central Road Fund (CRF), Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana has resulted in achieving asset creation and Nation Building Programme.

Recently, 30th Road safety Week was observed nationally in various cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bhubaneswar and Chandigarh. The main objective was to create Traffic Awareness among the public and persuade them to follow the rules and encourage others to do the same. In several places, people were made to get in the garb of the mythological death God ‘Lord Yamraj’ as an innovative awareness drive to teach the public traffic rules and safety provisions.

But what about the Black Spots and Grey Areas in the Road Network system? The Indian Roads at present need urgent attention of modernization in order to handle the increased requirement and enable the congestion free roads.

Firstly, a proper planning should be adopted since the length and breadth of Indian Roads are not uniform resulting in parking zone anywhere along the side of the road and hence leading to congestion.

Secondly, the most important emergency lanes should be constructed for ambulance and fire brigade. It is sad and unfortunate to see the ambulance getting stuck in the traffic where one sitting inside would only hope for a miracle. There should be Intelligence Transport System like GPS; Hotlines where every policeman could be informed beforehand about the arrival of the vehicle. The ambulance can warn through speakers or make note of the vehicle numbers who are deliberately not willing to make way for him. Moreover, thanks to the Introduction of EVAM system, an innovation which can alert the driver through the audio system intact in its vehicle who can’t hear the siren.

Thirdly, the pedestrians, cyclist and motorist should have responsibilities and respect for each other since everyone has equal Right On Road and follow a civil discipline. Lastly, Active Traffic Management by Traffic Cops, addressing the issues and enforcing the Rules of Road.Road Safety is a global issue and can only achieved by unison effort of public and concerned authorities

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