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by Samreen Kausar

‘I’m blessed’, Mr. Kumar thought while he rocked his chair. His daughter had made him proud again. ‘I am the most fortunate father’, he muttered and his face broke into a small smile. He wondered how quickly twenty-eight years flew. He could still see his daughter, Sunaina the same as though she was just a year old princess.

Mrs. Kumar had given birth to this little angel twenty-eight years ago. That day, Mr. Kumar was definitely the happiest man on Earth. Being the father of a girl made him proud. ‘You are my pride’, he said as soon as he took his new born in his hands for the first time. Sunaina was their princess.

Over the years, even Sunaina realized how special she was to her parents. She saw them giving her the best life, just the same way a princess possessed. Sunaina evolved to be an excellent student. She knew that if she had to make her parents, her father proud of her, it is to be an obedient and sincere student.

Mrs. Kumar came into the room and passed a cup of tea to her husband. ‘I never thought that Sunaina would plan such a big surprise for us’, Mr. Kumar said.’She didn’t even let us a hint’, Mrs. Kumar added.

She looked around the room observing each and every detail of it. It was exactly the same, the way she always wanted her house to be. It was their daughter, Sunaina who had gifted them a house a few days ago, to the people she loved the most in the world.

Mrs. Kumar’s eyes turned wet. She wiped them with the loose end of her saree. She had never thought that her daughter had such mega plans in her head. Sunaina used to ask her mother how she wanted her dream house to be but she was careful enough not to pop up the question directly. She used her own ways to extract Mrs. Kumar’s dream house, though in bits.

‘She’s my son’, Mr. Kumar spoke breaking his and Mrs. Kumar’s chain of thoughts. ‘Yes, she’s only yours, as if I’m no one’, Mrs. Kumar complained. This let Mr. Kumar have a good laugh.

Sunaina had always been an obedient girl throughout, the only angel of her parent’s eyes. They knew their daughter was capable of big things but a plush house for them, was one of those big things they had never imagined.

The door bell rang. Mrs. Kumar made her way to open the door and welcomed her daughter and son-in-law.The above story was first published in

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