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Ollywood Actor Sabyasachi Posted About Superman In Khakhi

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Bhubaneswar : On the occasion of friendship day, netizens are busy talking about their feelings and expressing their love on social media and through various other ways. Following the trend, ollywood actor Sabyasachi Mishra also posted a similar story about a cop on his social media handle. 

Raju Harijan, Sujit Sethia, Santosh Phillips are known Footballers from koraput. They came to bhubaneswar with adream in their eyes to play for the nation. But Lockdown and Corona crisis brought them on road. They tried to work as security guardsll in anbapartment near Rasulgarh, but as they didn’t get payment or food they left the job.

Then came a Superhero,Police constable Chittaranjan Mishra (OSAP 7th battalion). He found the three stranded players suffering at Jaydev Vihar road side while doing his Covid Lockdown Duty. Other than his duty as a Corona warrior, he showed humanity by giving them regular food from his home.

Finally after some days Mr Chittaranjan contacted Mr. Sabyasachi Mishra over social media to help the them in returning to their home town.

By the help of human superhero Sabyasachi Mishra now they are back at koraput safely.
And the Superhero also said that, “I have promised them to help them pursue their dreams related to football after the Corona crisis.

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