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Actress Usasi Misra Molested and Manhandled At Anugul

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Famous Odia cine and jatra actress Usasi Misra was allgedelly physically assaulte, molested by three persons and fought with some local people at Derang near Kaniha of Anugul District. The incident took place last night when she was going there for a jatra performance for Eastern Blue. The three persons identified as Indramani Sahu and his two sons who damged her vehicle also after trying to rip her clothes. She has given complaint and expressed her concern on social media.

She wrote, “Im using the social media site to express my pain. Been man handled n molested at Dereng while i had come to perform jatra. Shree negligence of committee, eastern blue management. N local police.. Beaten me.. Management people.. co artist n destroyed my car.. here we talk of general women being safe. Where a media figure like me is not safe.. Bad mouthed n tired to rip my clothes. i gave a good fight n saved myself.”


Actress Gungun, Debashis patra and others from Odia cine industry has also protested the incident in social media. Gungun wrote, “M surprised n disheartened!!! How can somebody lose his mind n control to such extent?? Dsnt even think before his barbaric n cruel act?? These people should be punished like hell so that they have to think thrice before they walk!!  Ashamed! And hatts off to u Usasi di for always standing brave to fight alone.”

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