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Swamy Says Sushant Singh Rajput Has Been Murdered, Presents Evidence In Support

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Mumbai : MP Subramanian Swamy, in his fight to demand justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, on Thursday via Twitter shared a picture stating evidence that shows why he thinks that the reason for the actor’s death is murder and not suicide.

The list contains ‘evidence’, that prove that he was murdered, a few of the points are:
👉🏻Various marks on body
Location & length of ligature mark
👉🏻No froth from the mouth
👉🏻No tongue protrusion
👉🏻Cloth hanging from fan
👉🏻No small table
👉🏻Furniture found inside
👉🏻Body language of closest friends
👉🏻No suicide note
👉🏻Sushant Singh Rajput changed his sim cards support his

Among the aforementioned list, only two pieces of evidence that supported the suicide theory are anti-depressants found in room and Sushant Singh Rajput’s non-existence on social media.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has also alleged that his son has been murdered and has filed a complaint in this regard. The complaint contains a few of the following points.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father’s 7 questions in FIR:

👉🏻“When Sushant did not suffer from any mental illness before 2019, what happened to him after coming in contact with Rhea Chakraborty?”
👉🏻“If Sushant was suffering from a mental illness and undergoing treatment, why was the family’s permission not taken in written or verbal?”
👉🏻“What were the medicines given and the treatment that doctors were administering to Sushant based on Rhea’s inputs?”
👉🏻“Why did suddenly Rhea leave Sushant alone and broke all contacts with him when she knew he was in a critical situation?”
👉🏻“Why was Rs 15 crore transferred from the Sushant’s account in Kotak Mahindra Bank to another bank account which is not related to my son?”
👉🏻“When Sushant had been popular in the film industry, why did he stop getting film offers after meeting Rhea?”
👉🏻“Why did Rhea stop Sushant from pursuing organic farming when he was looking for suitable land in Kerala with his friend Mahesh?”

Justice is a must for the actor that is what we believe and pray for.

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