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Odisha Grips Into Holi Fervour

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By Shruti Sudeshna

Bura na mano Holi hai!!!

Khusiyon ka Tyohaar hai, Rango ka Bahaar hai..

Laal Gulabi Hara Neela..Har Rang ka yahan bharmaar hai. 

Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isai..sab hai apne bhai-bhai

Aao milke Rang Lagayein.. Yeh apno ka Tyohaar hai.. 

Bura na Mano Holi hai!!! 

Holi, one of the most revered and celebrated festivals is believed to have been originated from the Indian subcontinent predominantly India and Nepal but it transcends every caste; religion; culture and the international boundaries too including Western Continents. 

The festival of colors gripped a sense of excitement among the people that unite people to celebrate it. Fancy Face Masks, Pichkaris (Water Gun), Abeer (Color Powder) in the market of Bhubaneswar,Cuttack,Puri and rest part of the state shows the craze for the festival. Thus, it is totally a package of fun excitement and vibrant colors whole day long. 

Moreover, the weekend gives a perfect start to spend the quality time with family and dear ones.

OdishaLinks brings you different Holi playing customs from the city and beyond-

Dola Govinda Utsav of Jagannath, Puri is celebrated by placing the idols of Lord Jagannath as Dola Govinda and Goddess Bhudevi in the Palanquins by taking processions around the main streets along with ghantuas; sankirtana mandali, ghoda nacha (horse dance made of wooden blocks) and applying abeer(natural dry colours).

 Dola Purnima also called as Dola Melana is a festival of paramount importance of a get together of deities in an open space called ‘Melana Padia’. Harirajpur, claims to be a major venue for Dola Jatra located in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar near Jatani. The rituals mark the idea of syncretism cult of ‘Hari-Hara-Bheta’ (meeting of two religious belief system into a new system.) 

In Bhubaneswar, Ollywood Star shines and Political Leaders joined the cultural programmes hosted by various schools and organizations. Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) celebrated Holi with 27000 tribal children with famous actors and actress of Odia cine and tele industry. 

The true spirit of Holi is marked by a group of Russian tourists who were determined to travel all the way to Konark every year to celebrate the Festival of Colors. “We only use dry organic colors like neem; pudina;chandan; haldi. Holi is the festival of Radha Krishna and we follow their footsteps and don’t use chemical” – says Micheal, the organizer of the tour every year. The true colors splashed with refreshing bhang and Dahi Haandi rituals. The most significant part was the placards bearing message “Conserve Water, Conserve Life”. 

Herbal Holi – With rising concerns of Pollution and excess chemicals usage, Odia model Swapna Pati Foundation along with associated partners organized safe and herbal holi for blind and special children along with eminent personalities. “New Initiatives has always been a part of Swapna Pati Foundation. This time we decided to celebrate Holi with Patriotic Colours by giving respect to the martyr’s families.”-says Swapna Pati. 

In the twin cities the youngsters found to be too excited as they moved in groups and hosted matka fod (breaking the pot) of butter milk hung high on the streets with loud music and dance with huge pomp and show. 

While Holi celebration takes place with lots of joy and verve throughout the country, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) did not celebrate Holi, as it falls only a month after Pulwama attack in which 44 jawans were martyred.  

Police Personnel’s issued advisory to remain vigilant round the clock to avoid mishaps and strict enforcement of traffic rules. The ODRAF team is also deployed in grey areas like rivers and water bodies for quick action. 

From all of us at Odishalinks, Happy holi!

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