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Actor Kiran Kumar Recovers from Corona

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Mumbai: The swab samples of veteran actor Kiran Kumar (74) have tested negative for COVID-19.

He had been in home quarantine after contracting the virus and testing positive for it on May 14.

Kiran Kumar said, “I am asymptomatic. On May 14, I went to the hospital for a medical check-up, where the COVID-19 test was mandatory. So I got myself tested and the result was positive. But I had no symptoms then, nor do I have any now. There’s no fever, no cough, I’m fine and self quarantined at home,” Kumar told to PTI.

The actor also said that it has been ten days since he got the tests done and no symptoms has developed yet. “My family lives on the second floor of the building and I’m currently on the third floor”.

“After being re-tested for COVID-19, I am happy to say that I have tested negative. My family is still following strict home isolation. I was totally asymptomatic and apart from the boredom that accompanies isolation had no other complaints. I am continuing to take this forced time-out as an opportunity to introspect and focus on life’s smaller pleasures,” Kumar said.

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