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Trump To Postpone G7 Summit, Invite India

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Washington: US President Donald Trump on Saturday said he will further postpone the Group of Seven summit to September or later. He intends to include Australia, Russia, South Korea and India in the list of invitees to the summit. 

President Trump has made it clear that the current G7 is a “very outdated group of countries”. “I’m postponing it because I don’t feel that as a G7, it properly represents what’s going on in the world,” he was quoted as saying as per a report by Reuters.

Trump had earlier suggested to include Russia given Moscow’s global strategic importance.

Russia, which was once a part of G8, was expelled in 2014 after Moscow annexed the Crimea region from Ukraine. The current G7 group includes the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Canada, also attended by the European Union.

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