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Sabyasachi Mishra Yet Again Amazed Us With His Work

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Bhubaneswar : Yet again Ollywood Actor Sabyasachi Mishra amazed us not with his words but with his works for which he should be praised.

This time the actor rescued a girl from Andhrapradesh who had to went through mental and physical abuse everyday.

Till date I have seen many cases. But this one was not regular. Mamuni, Her father was a vegetable seller. 2018 onwards he started suffering from serious health issues and couldn’t walk or work. To feed her family, the 19 year girl decided to leave home to earn. She went to Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh to work as per the advice of a local reference. But things turn nightmare after she reached there. Physical and mental abuse made her suffer everyday. Then came Lockdown. She was not allowed to even talk to her mother. They intentionally stole her mobile & stuffs.
I got a call from her mother. And today she reached Odisha. Watching the mother and the daughter together will remain as a beautiful memory.“ said Sabyasachi.

For doing this work the actor’s friend helped a lot so he extended his thanks to London based friend Dr Sambasiva Rao Sajja (The Telugu movie overseas distributor) who belongs to Bapatla. He and his friends Dr Mama, Nitish & Driver Garu made everything Smooth at Andhra. Thanks Dipti Babu for the ticket management. And a Big thanks to Sagarikanath Madam for informing Bapatla Police Station.

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