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PM Narendra Modi’s Odisha Visit: 7 Highlights Of His Speech

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Cuttack: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Cuttack on May 26 on the occasion of completing four years in Government.

The Prime Minister started his speech by saying ‘Jay Jagannath’ thrice.

Here are the seven highlights of his speech:

  • It is my good fortune that I got the opportunity to greet my 125 crore countrymen from the land of great Lord Jagannath
  • Many who are in the NDA govt have lived in poverty and that is why betterment of the poor is their biggest priority.
  • In these four years, the 125 crore Indian have come to believe that our India can change. Today the nation is going from ‘Kala Dhan to ‘Jan Dhan’, from bad governance to good governance.
  • Chaos was caused for some when we made strict laws against black money, it made many come together & stand on the same stage, those accused in big scams are coming together now
  • Our government has successfully uprooted the politics of appeasement & dynasty. Our government functions on ‘Janmat’ unlike others which were controlled by ‘Janpath’.
  • Inspite of a long reign in power the state govt. in Odisha has failed to utilize the waters of Mahanadi & other rivers for irrigation & farming.
  • BJD is politicizing the Mahanadi issue & misleading the people for their own vested interests, blatantly ignoring welfare of farmers.
  • Due to the Mahanadi water dispute, farmers of Odisha are suffering. We are committed to resolve their problems and address the challenges they have to face.

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