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Naveen Appeals For A Nuclear Weapon Free World On Hiroshima Day

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Bhubaneswar : Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has appealed all to join hands to build a future for mankind where nuclear weapons cease to be a part of it and work for lasting peace.
Patnaik has made the appeal using his personal Twitter handle @Naveen_Odisha on the occasion of Hiroshima Day today.

“Hiroshima reminds us about the unspeakable suffering, destruction and unfathomable tragedy of nuclear bomb,” Patnaik said in the tweet.

Exactly 75 years ago on August 6, the world changed at 8:15 AM- a US warplane dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in Japan.

As many as 1, 40,000 people were killed, several maimed for life with radiation-related illnesses.
On an ill-fated day, a US B-29 warplane, Enola Gay, dropped a bomb nicknamed “Little Boy” and destroyed the city and its people.

Three days later, on August 9, a second nuclear bomb – ‘Fat Man’ – was dropped on Nagasaki.
Japan surrendered two weeks later, ending World War II.

These are the only two nuclear bombs ever to have been used apart from testing.

Hiroshima Day is remembered to promote peace and spread awareness about the danger of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

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