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The International Day of Peace otherwise called Peace Day is watched worldwide every year on September 21. Built-up in 1981 by consistent United Nations goal, Peace Day gives an around the world a shared date to all humankind to focus on Peace overall distinctions and to add to building a culture of harmony. On International Day of Peace, the world body urges nations to watch the day by holding fast to 24 hours of peacefulness. In 2001, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) cast a ballot to call for peacefulness and truce on world harmony day. India has an enormous tradition of adding to world harmony. Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

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Various nations and societies have their own images of harmony however a couple is utilized regularly over the world like the bird and olive leaf. Amazing Spanish craftsman Pablo Picasso’s ‘Pigeon of Peace’, was first picked as the token for the First International Peace Conference in Paris in 1949. It was a customary, reasonable image of a pigeon that had been given to him by his incredible companion and adversary, the French craftsman Henri Matisse. Picasso later formed this picture into a straightforward, realistic line drawing that is one of the world’s most conspicuous images of harmony. In Greek folklore, the dove was utilized as an image of affection and the recharging of life. It is said that the early Christians likewise utilized a bird to depict submersion. In the Bible, legend says, Noah sent a pigeon when the rising waters subsided. The flying creature returned with an olive leaf, to show that the Biblical flood was finished and that life had gotten back to Earth. Numerous Western nations likewise utilize the olive branch as an image of harmony. The Greeks accepted that an olive branch implied bounty and drove abhorrent away. 

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António Guterres described the deadly virus as a “common enemy” that is causing immense suffering, destroying livelihoods, and exacerbating already formidable peace and security challenges. He also added, “In these days of physical distancing, we may not be able to stand next to one another. But we must still stand together for peace.   And, together, I know we can — and will — build a more just, sustainable and equitable world.” This year, the emphasis is on “Shaping Peace Together.” “In that soul, and to stamp our 75th commemoration, the United Nations is uniting individuals for a worldwide discussion about forming our future and fashioning harmony in attempting times,” said the Secretary-General, talking about the UN75 activity. With the pandemic proceeding with its tireless walk over the world, the UN boss underlined the significance of hosting warring gatherings set out their weapons, and work for concordance. 

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