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Fresh Guidelines For Hospitals in Bhubaneswar by BMC

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Bhubaneswar : After several healthcare staffs of private hospitals of the capital city were detected positive for Coronavirus, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has come up with a slum strategy to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

It has been observed that frequent movement of hospital staffs to slum areas has posed risk of spread of coronavirus quickly.

It is to be noted that 1/3rd of the population of BMC are staying in slum areas where social distancing is practically not possible because of small houses and high population density.

Keeping this in view, BMC has issued an order to contain COVID 19 in slums of Bhubaneswar as follows:

All the private hospital/Nursing Homes shall maintain an exclusive employee database, of their staffs who are residing in slum areas of BMC.

The employees of the slum areas need to be kept in shift for 14 days and the hospital authorities will make accommodation arrangement of those slum dweller employees within the hospital premises.

After the 14 days shift, the set of employees are to be relieved of the duties after their Covid test and negative report.

The next set of employees will then be given duties and the same procedure will be adopted if the next set of employees also belongs to slum areas.

It has also been said that the accommodation of the employees may be done by observing all sorts of formalities applicable for hospitals in the light of Covid 19.

All the private hospitals/Nursing homes need to appoint a nodal officer who will be sharing the details with the ADUPHO-UH.

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