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Are You A First Time Voter? Here Are Few Tips

By Shruti Sudeshna

India, the largest democracy in the world conducts its elections at interval of every five years. It’s nonetheless than a festival of the country. #DeshKaTyohar! By the sweat of brow, every individual from the age of 18 till the leader of the country try to make it successful.
So, “The election affair is on AIR, Are you new to this fair?”
OdishaLinks has got an answer to What Where and How of Election questions for the #FirstTimeVoters. The very first question comes to mind is

i. #AmIEligibe: As per the Indian Constitution, every Indian Citizen above the age of 18 is eligible to vote. Well, there are certain rules that disqualifies a person from voting like,
o Citizen with unstable mind.
o Convicted with offences like bribery or electoral offences etc.
o Individual voting in more than one constituency or Proxy voting.

ii. #HowToVote: To make the process hassle free the Election Commission of India has come up with both Online and Offline registration.
o A person can visit and follow the requisite steps necessary for registration with the prescribed documents as mentioned (passport size colored photograph; address proof).

iii. #WhoToVote: Voter education allows the citizens to become an informed voter
o Do a little investigation on the concerning issues (Education, Cleanliness, Infrastructure, Employment) and research on the political parties and candidates contesting in your locality.
o Don’t get biased by the strong emotions or political propaganda on social media network.
Think Right! Vote Right!

iv. #WhereToVote: At Polling Station a candidate can find its polling booth from the ERO and for any issues can call the helpline number as provided by the Election Commission of India i.e., 1950.
o Citizen must carry their VoterID card to the polling booth.

v. #CastGoodVote: Free and Fair election will only happen when we the individuals do our civic duty. Do a little for the country by casting a GOOD VOTE.

Democracy is in Action, You are Active! Every Vote counts in Election Day. So let’s get ready for it.

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