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66% Indian gives Thumbs Up to Modi

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New Delhi : IANS-C Voter State of the Nation 2020 Survey says A nett 65.69 per cent Indian are satisfied with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At a time when the pandemic has plunged approval ratings of many world leaders, 58.36 per cent Indians across all states and union territories maintain they are “very satisfied” with the performance of Modi.A 24.01 per cent Indians, across states, say they are “somewhat satisfied”, while 16.71 per cent are not satisfied with him at all.

With 95.6 per cent Odias saying they are satisfied with him, 84.87 per cent “very satisfied” and just a 2.2 per cent of them disapprove of Modi.Odisha is followed by Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh, where his popularity is extremely high with nett approval ratings of 93.95 per cent, 92.73 and 83.6 respectively. While it’s hardly a surprise that states like BJP ruled Karnataka and Modi’s own state Gujarat gives thumbs up to him, he has a soaring popularity even in Maharashtra which is being ruled by the Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena combine. Even in the Northeast 69.45 per cent gives him a thumbs up.Three BJP ruled states uttarakhand, goa and haryana have given a net approval of the PM as53.53, 52.54 and 51.25 per cent respectively.

However, it’s Kerala and Tamil Nadu which are in the red zone when it comes to his approval ratings. The Communist ruled Kerala has given a mere 32.89 per cent while the AIADMK ruled Tamil Nadu gave 32.15 per cent nett approval for Modi’s performance.

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